Welcome to SPIERSview’s User Manual

[S]erial [P]alaeontological [I]mage [E]diting and [R]endering [S]ystem: Three-dimensional interactive viewer

Main Coding: Mark Sutton

Additional Coding: Russell J. Garwood, Alan R.T. Spencer

Documentation: Mark Sutton, Russell J. Garwood, Alan R.T. Spencer

SPIERSview is a stand-alone program for viewing and manipulating of three-dimensional models. It understands five different file formats, the first four of which it can also output.




Relevant references

Sutton, M.D., Garwood, R.J., Siveter, D.J. & Siveter, D.J. 2012. Spiers and VAXML; A software toolkit for tomographic visualisation, and a format for virtual specimen interchange. Palaeontologia Electronica 15(2): 15.2.5T

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